Studded Denim Heeled Mules

Slip on these studded denim mules with fringe edges and 4" heel.  These stylish mules are available in Black or Denim. 
FYU SHOE FACT: The origins of the word mule begins with Ancient Rome, where it was mulleus calceus (a red or purple shoe worn by the three highest magistrates), but the contemporary appropriation refers to a backless shoe. Originally worn within the bedroom, this style of shoe has a storied history and when Comtesse d’Olonne, the risqué society beauty, wore a soft red pair of mules to church in 1694 – daringly peeping from beneath her richly-embellished skirt – it paved the way for the style(na, Another Mag).  Which brings us to, Manolo Blahnik to ask "When you walk in mules, you walk a bit differently. It’s very sexy to me; you have to get your balance… Madame de Pompadour in her mules, walking around Versailles, click click click… Can you think of anything more exquisite?" So as you see, the mule had ajourney from the boudoir to the runway.
La toilette (Boucher) (1742) and The Declaration of Love (Jean François de Troy) (1731).

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