Havaianas Lux Metallic Sandal Sandals

Stand out with the Women's Black or Rose Gold (nude) Metallic Flip Flop. Featuring just a touch of extra height and metallic straps in fresh neutral colors. A unique style with the same comfort thanks to our signature textured footbed. Made in Brazil 
About brand... Launched in 1962, Havaianas (pronounced ah-vai-YAH-nas), Portuguese for Hawaiians, are fashioned after classic Japanese Zori sandals. Pulling inspiration from the silhouette’s simple design and rice-straw soles, Havaianas flip-flops to pay homage to the original concept with an inventive rice-texture footbed.
FYU SHOE FACTS: The name "flip flop"comes specifically from the sound the sandals make when they slap between the sole of your foot and the floor.  Alpargatas S.A., a Brazilian shoe manufacturing company founded in 1907, recognized the need for inexpensive shoes. They worked on a shoe that was inspired by the tatami “zori” sandal worn in Japan and from this the first Havaianas were created as an affordable shoe. The name Havaianas is Portuguese for Hawaiians. The modern story of flip-flops starts with the story of the Havaiana. In the mid 1990s, a utilitarian brand of sturdy rubber sandals worn by Brazilians repositioned itself as a premium brand, selling itself internationally on a platform of Brazilian beach glamour with the tiny Brazil flag on the moulded plastic of a Havaiana (jet-set glamour). 
Source: 1966 Havaianas are truly the original rubber flip-flop. In 1966, Havaianas’ parent company Alpargatas registered the patent of the model— “a new type of sole with a strap”.

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