Sbicca Rosemaria Leather Sandals (Huaraches)

Support the US made brands! Huarache-style festive sandals with multi-colored textile, braided leather details and blanket patched work with genuine leather uppers. Yes, this is one highly detail conscious sandal! This uniquely hand-crafted footwear is made in Los Angeles, using the finest materials creating "molded unit bottoms" to give a lightweight fit, flexible bottom that is based on comfort first and foremost.
  • Flexible Sole
  • Round silhouette with closed toe
  • Genuine leather upper features are woven textile detail 
  • Padded insole for comfort
SHOE HISTORY: Many shoes claim to be huaraches, but they are still traditionally only considered a huarache if they are handmade, and have a woven-leather form in the upper

About brand... We selected the Sbicca brand because, like Fashion You Up, they are NATIVE TO SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. Fifth generation family owned business that began in the U.S. 1920 and is still producing quality shoes today. This SoCal footwear brand captures the essence of the California lifestyle. Cheers to this fantastic brand!!

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