Triple Strap Vegan Leather Gladiator Sandals

Kick up your style this season with wanderlust gladiator sandals with adjustable triple straps and zipper closure in back. These slim straps wrap around and support the foot with an asymmetrical silhouette. Available in Black and Champagne (cheers!)  Did you know the go-to summer shoe has ancient roots?
FYU FASHION FACT: Gladiator Sandal is a Grecian sandal. It is a sandal from Greece and Salento (Italy) which has a (generally flat or low) sole. In 1968, Vogue, which earlier had accessorizedPaca Rabanne's futuristic fashions with “laced all the way” sandals, dedicated several pages to “Ganymede—the Greek-boy look.”   The gladiators remained popular throughout the 1970's. However, their popularity died done in the 1980’s and for much of the 1990s.  There was a brief resurrection during Gianni Versace’s 1993 Spring collection. The early 2000’s Calvin Klein marked the beginning of the gladiators’ sandals. 

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