May 18, 2018

Royal I Do
Ok, so I would love to claim we are way too cool to get excited over this weekend's royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle but that would be a flat out lie. Maybe it is the love of fairy tales or our love of fashion but our Saturday is booked full of royal watching.  Meghan Markle's style certainly has us impressed. The big question we can't wait to have answered is
"what will her dress look like?"
Meghan Markle
Some of our favorite looks from Meghan
We also couldn't think of a better event to kick off the entire wedding season than this. Whether your the bride-to-be,  the most fabulous bridesmaid ever, or guest, we have some looks made for the occasion. 
Shades of Blue
Beautiful hues of blue are always the perfect choice for a wedding.
Wedding Style
Sparkle and blush hues are made for those glamorous affairs of the heart.
While we are on the subject of weddings, we decided to add a little fun into this royal wedding weekend. A little game of bingo inspired by what is surely going to be a fashionable event. 
Royal Wedding Bingo
So excuse us as we pop some bubbly and put on our crowns (this is completely acceptable when watching royalty!) Love and fairy tales....such a beautiful thing!
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