Jessica K Garrett caught our eye thanks to her clean, sleek, and minimalistic style. The style star hails from New Mexico and when you scroll through her ‘gram @jessicakgarrett, you immediately know she’s on top of her style game and is a cactus queen. We caught up with Jessica and talked to her a little about her style journey and what inspires her! She also picked out some of her favorite Fashion You Up products so that you can steal her style.

Check all of it out below!

Jessica’s Fashion You Up Faves

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Get to know Jessica 

How would you describe your style?

I sometimes call myself a Bohemian Rebel. The Southwest’s easy-going attitude has had a huge influence on my style and demeanor (I grew up in Santa Fe). As I get older, I increasingly become more aware of our momentary life, reminding me how important it is to savor the present moment rather than chase after the future. Bohemian style for me invokes that relaxed, present lifestyle. And the rebel in me says “take action,” we must rise from our dormancy and use our voice to change the world for the better.

What motivated you to start your style Instagram? 

Although I grew up immersed in various forms of art (fine art, dance, and music), I never thought I could make a living pursuing art as a career, so I ended up majoring in Neuroscience and aspired to be a doctor! Creating my Instagram page (I’m also in the process of launching my website!), provided me with an avenue to incorporate creativity back into my life. Luckily, I ended my doctors’ pursuit as a result of my holistic values and instead, I became an entrepreneur where I own/manage a business, which I find to be the perfect fusion of science and creativity.

Who are your style icons?

I appreciate when fashion is used as a voice to create something bigger than purely displaying beauty. It’s more powerful when fashion is used as a means to promote social change and artistry, which is why I think it’s important to appreciate an icons’ convictions as much as his/her style. Yoko Ono is someone who I have admired for a long time.